Managed IT Services

Every component of your business depends on technology.  If something breaks, it can significantly put your business operations, employee productivity and overall profitability at risk.  If you are not outsourcing your IT needs to a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), odds are that you are working on a “break/fix” model that can cost you hours of downtime.  Downtime is pervasive and affects the experience of every user in your organization. 

What is a Managed IT Service Provider?

As your Managed Services Provider, we deliver reliable IT support for your entire network.  It is the equivalent of having a fully staffed, highly trained IT department on call – a department with the experience, credentials, communication skills, expertise, and accessibility 24×7. Our client services team monitors every component of your technology and fixes issues as they arise.  

Whether you are outsourcing all of your IT needs or you want to extend your current operations, our Total Care solution provides the roadmap and support for a reliable infrastructure and advanced technology.  We stay ahead of the trends to ensure that our recommendations are fully optimized and customized to meet your business and technical needs. 

Managed Security Solutions

In today’s world where cyber attacks make headlines on a daily basis, businesses are turning to TNS to provide critical Managed Security Solutions (MSS) to ensure the safety of their data.   

We specialize in providing Managed IT Services and Managed Security Solutions to businesses and nonprofit organizations headquartered throughout New York, Connecticut, Long Island and the entire Tri-State area. 

The Power of Managed IT Services and Security Solutions:

  • Protect the Reputation of Your Company and Meet Your Business Objectives
  • Safeguard Against Malware, Hackers, and Cyber Attacks
  • Maximize Uptime, Increase Employee Productivity and your Bottom Line
  • Increase Overall Efficiency Through Proactive Network Management
  • Safeguard your IT Infrastructure with a Leading Managed Security Solution
  • Business Efficiency Through Cost Savings and Predictability

Client Services, Monitoring and Alerting

Unlimited Service Desk Support | 24x7 Monitoring and Backend Support | Software and Operating System (OS) Patch Management | Managed Devices and Infrastructure | Email Management | Hardware Installs and Upgrades

Proactive Protection

Cybersecurity Management | Proactive Environmental Auditing and Reporting | Verified, Redundant Backups | Onsite/Offsite Disaster Recovery | Screenshot Verifications for Auditing Purposes | Protection Against Viruses, Spam, and Malware | “How To’s” for Employees

Cloud Solutions

Private and Hybrid-Cloud Solutions | Managed Hosting | Co-Location Facilities | Server Consolidation | Hosting Infrastructure Consulting | Hosted Email and Applications

Strategic Guidance

Infrastructure Planning, Design, and Architecture | Project Management and Implementation | Performance Reporting | Budget Planning | Asset Management - Procurement