managed perimeter protection

Managed Perimeter Security Protection

Monitor, Detect and Respond to Attacks 24 x 7

In today’s world, cybercriminals have the ability to compromise systems within minutes – if not seconds – of an attack. Protecting the perimeter of your network at the very least includes deploying an industry leading Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) for continuous monitoring and automatic threat detection. NGFWs offer stateful inspection of traffic plus features such as intrusion prevention and detection, web filtering, malware detection and anti-virus.

Intrusion prevention is the practice of monitoring and protecting a network from malicious activity and threats. Devices can generate thousands of alerts each day that can be prone to false positives, making it difficult to identify the appropriate actions to take. Our team of security specialists serve as an extension of your next generation perimeter security detection capabilities. By continuously monitoring alerts and limiting response times, we are able to detect, decipher and respond to positive threat alerts immediately.


  • Real-time Threat Detection, Analysis, and Incident Response
  • Automatic Blocking of File Types to Protect Against Malware
  • Access to a Cloud Database of Malware and Exploits, That is Never More than 5 Minutes out of Sync
  • Automated, Audit-Ready Compliance Reports
  • Leverage our Team of Security Specialists 24 x 7