Encryption Management

Laptops and Workstations

Data is critical to every business, regardless of size. It is their most valuable asset and poses a risk when laptops get lost or stolen, a disgruntled employee tampers with your files or a USB flash drive is left on the train. Our encryption management solution provides data protection through file and folder encryption as well as hardware. It locks down your hard drive making the data accessible only to you and those you authorize. Policy-driven removable media encryption protects USB flash drives and other removable storage against any potential threats. This solution not only safeguards sensitive data but ensures that you achieve and maintain compliance.

Our team of security specialists have the knowledge and experience to effectively deploy and manage an encryption solution in your environment. The deployment time is short and the solution provides flexibility and ease of use. The solution requires minimal interaction on the client side. Our team manages users and workstations to extend the protection of your company beyond your network.

In addition, we provide email encryption to reduce data loss prevention by focusing on your greatest risk for loss – email.


  • Ease of Deployment and Powerful Encryption for Businesses of all Sizes
  • Safely Encrypt Hard Drives, Removable Data and Files
  • Extra Layer of Security to Protect Your Company Data
  • Data Security via Email