Managed Security

We are living in a world where cyber security attacks are happening on a daily basis. These threats are evolving at lightning speed and do not discriminate against any industry or company size. In fact, cybercriminals consider small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the perfect target. They bet on the fact that SMBs do not invest in the necessary measures to keep their systems secure. There is no immunity in the world of security breaches.

The TNS Group offers a comprehensive, integrated Managed Security Solution (MSS) that addresses key vulnerabilities in your environment. Countering these types of attacks secures your company data, protects your reputation in the marketplace and allows you to continue to focus on your business goals. We offer a holistic approach in the areas of Managed IT Services, Data Protection, Threat Management and Mitigation and Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity starts with infrastructure and our team of security specialists will provide the expertise your company needs to:

  • Proactively Monitor the Security of your Network
  • Guard your Network Against Advanced Threats by Identifying and Scanning Network Traffic
  • Secure the Integrity of your Data from Being Lost, Stolen or Destroyed
  • Defend your Environment Against Known Malware and New Variants Including Zero Day
  • Protect Against Malicious Content that is Trying to Enter your Network Through Web Browsing Activities
  • Maintain Compliancy and Maximize your Technology Investment
  • Focus on your Business Needs

Managed Perimeter Protection

The perimeter of your network is the first line of defense in protecting your network from all types of security risks. We will actively monitor your systems and respond to necessary threats in your environment 24 x 7.

Mobile Device Management

Just as important as perimeter protection, is the protection of your endpoints. Our Managed Services and Security teams effectively monitor, manage and secure end-user devices to alleviate any risks when connecting to the network.

Identity and Access Management

Implementing a password policy within your company is only as effective as the next phishing scheme or database exploitation. Our team of security experts implement and manage multifactor authentication to strengthen access security.

Encryption Management

Encryption of laptops and desktops adds an additional layer of security for your data. Effectively deploying and managing this solution protects your company against those that must store sensitive data on laptops or desktops.