What's Up With The Paw?

To set the record straight, it’s a tiger paw.

In 1996, TigerNet Systems was founded by Ami and Louise Soifer. Their entrepreneurial spirits combined with Ami’s engineering skills and Louise’s keen sense of business, served as motivation to move forward.

In naming the company, they toyed with various technical names but wanted something that would have meaning and be adaptable to the evolving world of technology. Remembering back to the simplicity of childhood, the tiger was a symbol of strength, fearlessness, and calm. In blending a fond memory with a broad reference to technology, TigerNet Systems was born.

TigerNet Systems originated as a project based consulting firm, with its roots in infrastructure. Under the stewardship of Ami and Louise, the company progressively grew, establishing a strong and favorable standing in the business community along the way. As the company became more established, they added talent to serve the growing community of small to mid-sized businesses in need of IT support.

Preeminent Managed Services Provider

In 2007, the firm made a decision to rebrand to The TNS Group. Maintaining the acronyms of TigerNet Systems, representing the strength and fearlessness of the team and organization as a whole. With the growth of the company and the advancements in the technology world, The TNS Group has grown to become the preeminent Managed Services IT Company that it is known for today.

The company serves clients across all verticals and industries. The TNS Group has the ability to provide support to clients locally, across the country and internationally. The client base continues to increase due to the ongoing development of personal relationships, referrals and the firm’s strong reputation as a respected resource.

By recruiting some of the top talent in the IT industry, planning for and maintaining strategic growth, and keeping an eye on the developments in the technology industry, The TNS Group stands at the forefront of IT providers – still holding steadfast to its core values, commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, exceptional client service, quality of work and dedication to our clients. We are proud to leave our “print” wherever we go.