Our Foundation

The foundation of The TNS Group is built on our experience and abilities to deliver enterprise-caliber planning, design, and implementation.  We don’t just manage your technology, we understand systems from the ground up and we work together to ensure that you are functioning efficiently to maximize productivity and profitability. Our mission statement is the driving force behind our business and serves as a guide in our strategic planning, growth and decision-making processes.

Our mission is to collaborate with our clients to achieve their business objectives by delivering exceptional services through proven technology solutions.

Our team is equipped with a diverse skill-set and capability to understand engineering and architectural designs at a level that is unique to this industry. This provides a deep, real-world understanding of what proven technologies and solutions will work for your business.

There are four key steps in how we work:

  • Assessment: Determine business and technical needs in the environment
  • Design and Planning: Develop a need-based technology plan to achieve your business objectives
  • Implementation: Evaluate, test and qualify solutions to ensure a successful deployment
  • Management and Support: Ongoing proactive monitoring and troubleshooting to prevent interruptions in workflow

Our outstanding depth in the various engineering disciplines, backed by our technical experience and certifications, gives us the ability to eliminate environmental inefficiencies to keep your business operations running optimally. As an organization, we are committed to establishing a complete, collaborative relationship with our clients to attain success.